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Nature Research Highlights(Mar 15, 2010) NHK(Jan 1,2012) BBC News(Aug 13, 2012)
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Nature Research Highlights (Mar 15, 2010)
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NHK (Jan 1,2012)
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BBC News (Aug 13, 2012)

Our research team is working for providing a total solution in printed electronics.

Our ultimate goal is developing technologies for commercializing a fully R2R gravure printed RF sensor and TFT active matrixes devices to utilize in the field of IoT.

To accomplish this goal, first, we have developed interdisciplinary education programs including experimental courses for R2R gravure printed TFTs.

Second, we have focused on the intensive industry oriented research programs for developing low functional electronic devices through integrating printed TFTs.

Third, we are keep improving electronic inks (metal, semiconductor and insulator) based on fluid mechanics and quantum mechanics.