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R2R Gravure Printing Process

Servomechanisms to control an overlay printing registration, a web tension, an ink transfer and a balding angle for manufacturing reliable printed thin film transistors in a large scale, 6 to 12 m/min.

Electronic Ink Formulation

Develop novel pigments for formulating conducting, semiconducting and dielectric inks with well controlled rheological properties and wetting. We are currently working to find relationships between electron density and rheology of electronic inks.

All R2R Gravure Printed Smart Packaging for IoT

Develop R2R printed wireless communication tools, sensors, ADC, signage, memory with extremely low cost for directly applying in the field of smart packaging where a smartphone can be interconnected via NFC. Current key issues are developing R2R gravure system to print wireless communication tools, operated by lower voltage (<1.5V) and higher frequency (>100 KHz.

All R2R Gravure Printed Active Matrix of Wallpaper for Novel Sensor Arrays and Signage

R2R gravure printed TFT active matrix with 40 ppi resolution has been developed and utilized to develop novel large area sensor array-devices that only can be achieved by printing process. One typical example is smart wallpaper in which image sensors, tactile sensors and gas sensors are all integrated.